SES Europe AS (SE) is a Norwegian limited company established in 1998. SE is a subsidiary to Effect Ships International AS (ESI), the owner of the Air Supported Vessel (ASV) technology, patents and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Our vision: To provide the commercial -, naval and civil markets with new improved air cushion technology - enabling design and operation of a new generation of ROBUST, EFFICIENT, ECONOMICAL and ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY VESSELS AND SHIPS.

Whereas conventional crafts of most categories have limited optimisation potential, ASV solutions can be tailor made to deliver beyond SOA performance and capabilities for a wide range of vessels sizes and applications. Significant reduction in hull/water resistance combined with low complexity and low ownership risk are key factors.

Leading naval architects characterise the new technology "a technological shift in ship design". 

A substantial product development and documentation phase is completed and the ASV technology is now ready for global commercialisation.