Hardly any size of passenger ferries have been more thoroughly fine-tuned and optimised than the 40 m vessels. SSPA, collaboration partnerwith SES Europe, is one of the leading testing centres in the world. Most of the global leading builders/operators have used SSPA for their documentation and optimisation work.

In collaboration with top level naval architects from SSPA, SES Europe AS and Effect Ships International AS have developed several ASV catamaran designs, built tank testing models, and completed more than 1000 tank testing runs, in calm waters and in waves, at the SSPA facilities in Sweden.

In addition several large scale manned ASV models have been constructed, instrumented and successfully tested under controlled conditions in calm sea and with demanding conditions at sea.

SES Europe AS performs high level scientific R&D to optimise and document the patented ASV technology's performance and capabilities.

Check out some of our completed and planned R&D projects:

- "Effises" in EU's 5th Framework. Completed 2005
- "Compass" in EU'2 5th Framework. Completed 2005
- Integration of WJ with the ASV consept. Completed 2008
- ASV Mono, from test model to demonstrator. Completed 2010
- ASV Zero Emission in EU's 7th Framework.
Start up May 2011